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My Projects

Flare RPG screenshot


A single-player action RPG in the dark style of the original Diablo. Designed to be easy for anyone to mod. I'm the lead developer, designer, and technical artist.

Press Any Key To Live - infant holding an Atari joystick

Press Any Key To Live

This short art rhythm game is about life, love, and pursing dreams.

Heroine Dusk art

Heroine Dusk

The sun has not returned in several days. Evil forces are using the safety of night to invade. Take up arms to fight against the darkness.

Karma Slots screenshot

Karma Slots

A tiny slot machine game that doubles as a satirical simulation of Reddit. I coded this in a 24 hour jam to learn HTML5 gamedev.

Bicycle screenshot


Relive the simple days of riding a bicycle around the neighborhood. Fashioned after the area in which I grew up.

Book of Lost Lore screenshot

Book of Lost Lore

Interactive fiction about an aspiring adventurer. Use your wits and meager equipment to survive a dangerous fantasy world.

Your Game Idea Is Too Big screenshot

Your Game Idea is Too Big

A tongue-in-cheek calculator that shows, hey, maybe we shouldn't create an MMO as our first gamedev project.

Bellanger Dungeons

Bellanger Dungeons

Print-on-demand 3D models for 25mm tabletop dungeon crawling.

One Game A Month score screenshot

One Game A Month

In the first half of 2013 I participated in One Game A Month. Several of my projects here began through this challenge.


Articles and Tutorials

Various articles I've written. Currently they focus on Isometric tutorials.

Open Game Art

OpenGameArt profile

My collection of Creative-Common licensed artwork.

Git Hub

GitHub profile

My open-source code releases for games and other project.

My Works Featured

auti-sim screenshot


My child model is used in Auti-Sim, an simulation about an autistic child on a playground created by TaylanK.

Open Game Art 2012 Favorites

OpenGameArt 2012

My CC licensed rings and potions were voted among OpenGameArt's favorite 3D art of 2012.

Polymorphable screenshot


An award-winning RPG using my open source Flare engine, made by Matthew Krohn and Thane Brimhall.

jsmag screenshot


jsmag contributing author Dino Gamebone used my minotaur sprites in his tutorial series on creating games in javascript.

YP Deals screenshot

YP Deals

A Halloween "Easter Egg" on the Yellow Pages Deals section featured my zombie sprites. (no longer active)

Detribus screenshot


A game made for 7-day Roguelike 2011 featuring my free 1-bit tiles. Created by Ido Yehieli and Corey Martin.

Free Software Magazine screenshot

Free Software Magazine

My rigged human models were mentioned in an article about Free Software resources by Terry Hancock.

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Your Project Here

Have a finished project that uses my code or art? Drop me a message and I'll feature it here.